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No matter how nice your Internet Site is...
No matter how much time you spend designing and developing it...
If people can't find it, it's all pointless...

So many people put so much effort into the design and development of the Internet Site, they neglect the most important aspect of business... Advertising! You need to submit information about your Internet Site to all the major Search Engines if you want the world to see you! Not advertising your Internet Site is like developing campaigns, slogans and business posters and hanging them all up in your house. Only your closest friends will ever see them...

We can help...

In order to get you site listed on the top Internet search engines, there are a few guidelines you should follow.

  1. Understand the basics of internet search engines and how they work...
    Read this article concerning search engine basics...
  2. Make sure each page in your site has a title which describes the contents of your site.
  3. Include the proper meta-tags on each of your html pages.
  4. Seek out the major Internet Search Engines and submit your site...


Fill out the following questionnaire form from below and we can submit your site to virtually all the major Internet search engines. At last count, this was well over 400 search engines... In order to fully advertise your site, you should at minimum read the above article concerning search engine basics and follow steps #2 and #3 mentioned above...

There is a one time $50.00 fee charged for submitting your site to all the major engines.

Please Note... Upon registration, some search engines can take up to 3 weeks to post your sites information.

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